Disputes Involving Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policies

AD&D (“Accidental Death & Dismemberment”) policies provide benefits when insureds are seriously injured or killed as a result of an accident. Disputes may arise in connection with claims for benefits under AD&D polices. Some of the disputes include:

  • Whether the insured has died of a non-natural (i.e., non health-related) cause.

  • Whether the accident falls under the insurance company’s definition of an “accident.” The definition may include a number of strict conditions that must be satisfied.

  • Whether the insured actually died within a certain period of time after the accident (e.g., within a few months of the accident).

  • Whether the insured may have committed suicide.

In short, disputes involving AD&D policies frequently involve a detailed examination of all the circumstances surrounding the insured’s serious injury or death.

Please contact Joel Ewusiak for legal assistance if your claim for benefits owed under an AD&D policy has been denied or delayed.