How Do Fraud Victims Recover Financial Losses When the Perpetrator is Uncollectible?

Fraud victims are frequently unable to recover their monetary losses from the perpetrators of the fraud.  Often times, the perpetrators of the fraud have spent or lost all of the victims' money.  However, certain legal theories may permit fraud victims to seek recovery of their losses from other parties connected to the perpetrator.   Depending on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the fraud, including how and when the fraud was committed, the following types of entities may find themselves subject to liability for the victims' monetary losses:

  • banks
  • securities brokerage firms
  • insurance companies
  • law firms
  • accounting firms
  • employers of any kind

If you are a fraud victim, or if you are an entity that has been sued by a fraud victim, please contact Joel Ewusiak for legal assistance.  Over the past 16 years, Joel has represented numerous plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits and arbitration proceedings involving allegations that the entities connected to a perpetrator should have liability for the fraud committed by the perpetrator.