Previously Purchased Digital Movies and Shows Missing or Lost Due to Frontier Take Over of Verizon - Legal Remedies for Tampa Bay Customers

On April 1, 2016, Frontier Communications took over Verizon service in Tampa Bay.   Since that time, Tampa Bay FiOS customers have had many complaints, but perhaps the most startling complaint is that previously purchased digital movies and shows are missing or lost as a result of the switch over in service.  

FiOS customers are able to purchase digital versions of movies and shows through the On Demand platform available through the TV service.  Typically, the purchase price for digital movies and shows ranges from $5.00 (for older releases) to $20.00 (for newer releases).   However, for many Tampa Bay FiOS customers, after nearly a month into the Frontier take over of Verizon, previously purchased digital movies and shows are missing or lost from the On Demand platform. This means that many FiOS customers cannot view the previously purchased digital content - at all.  

Ewusiak Law, P.A. currently represents a Tampa Bay FiOS customer who previously purchased digital movies and no longer has access to them.   It is believed that thousands of Tampa Bay FiOS customers are similarly impacted by this unfair business practice and breach of the FiOS service contract by Frontier.   Legal remedies exist as a result of Frontier's failure to provide access to previously purchased On Demand content.  By contract, "when you purchase On Demand Content, the payment of a purchase fee will entitle you to access the purchased On Demand Content for viewing on Authorized Devices an unlimited number of times over an indefinite period of time."  In fact, "Purchased On Demand Content will continue to be accessible if you are no longer a FiOS TV customer...."    

Ewusiak Law, P.A. is currently accepting as clients current and former Tampa Bay FiOS customers who seek to recoup all or part of the value of previously purchased digital movies and shows that have been temporarily or permanently lost.   If you have lost access to previously purchased digital content as a result of the transition from Verizon to Frontier and seek legal help, please contact Joel Ewusiak via email ( for assistance. In your initial email, simply advise Joel of the number of digital movies and shows that are no longer accessible to you, and your actual or estimated expense to purchase such movies and shows.  Joel handles these claims on a contingency fee basis.  If there is no recovery, you owe him nothing.  Joel will also seek the payment of his attorney fees and costs from Frontier.