"I Should've Done Something About That."

Regardless of what you might read in the news, lawsuits aren't filed every time something goes wrong.  In fact, a lot of lawsuits, even though they have merit, aren't filed for a variety of reasons. Such reasons may include the unavoidable, financial costs that are necessary to pursue a lawsuit, or the inability to collect from a solvent defendant.  Surprisingly, more lawsuits than you might think are not filed because of the simple belief that nothing can be done under the circumstances, even when the losses and damages are significant and even when there's a solvent defendant.  

At some point or another we've all heard the phrase, or even uttered it or thought it to ourselves: "I should've done something about that."    The next time you hear or think the same thing, consider recommending or reaching out to a lawyer. You might be surprised to learn that there's a remedy.  

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