Insurance Disputes Arising From Damages to Commercial Properties

Owners and lessees/tenants of commercial properties may sustain significant damages or losses when the properties sustain damages.  A property itself may sustain physical damage due to mold, fire, sinkholes, water, wind, flood, or hurricanes.  As a result, repairs need to be made, and in some instances, the property must be rebuilt.  Businesses may also lose significant revenue when property is damaged, particularly when they are forced to cease or significantly curtail operations.   In many circumstances, insurance policies may exist to cover all or a portion of the damages and losses.  Legal disputes between insurers and insureds may arise if an insurer denies coverage altogether or fails to pay for certain aspects of a property damage claim. Ewusiak Law has represented both insurers and insureds in property insurance disputes and business interruption insurance disputes.  Please contact Joel Ewusiak for assistance.