Investment Opportunities: When To Raise an Eyebrow

Unfortunately, investment fraud is not uncommon.  While investors can lose a lot of money due to outright theft, they can also lose a significant amount of money on risky investments that appear legitimate on the surface.   If an investment product has any of the following features or qualities, then you should closely scrutinize it:

  • there is no "public" market for the investment.  In other words, the investment is considered "private" and there is a limited ability to sell the investment, even at a loss.
  • the company issuing the investment has little to no track record and/or value.
  • the investment takes the form of a loan or promissory note.
  • you are considered a "passive" investor with no control over the management of the investment.
  • the rate of return is "guaranteed" at a rate that is significantly higher than the market rate.
  • the investment is represented as "very safe" with "little" or "no" risk.
  • the investment is in limited supply and you need to "act quickly" to purchase it.
  • there is no option to withdraw all of your money at any time.
  • you must pay significant fees (i.e., penalties) if you wish to withdraw all of your money.
  • the investment is represented to be the "only" investment you need.

Over the past 15 years, Joel has represented many victims of investment fraud.  If you are concerned that you may have purchased the wrong investment for your investment objectives and financial needs, please contact Joel via email ( for assistance.